Client Agreement

The client agreement listed below is the legal file between Clark Financial [the company] and the individual or any legal entity that is operating trading account with Clark Financial. All operation in a trading account is an agreement of the terms and conditions of The company as detailed.

1. Introduction

1.1 any legal document between the Clark Financial and you as the client, is legally binding same as this agreement. The client’s agreement is for the terms of use in Clark Financial platform while trading any assets involves in financial investment.

1.2 trading any financial asset in the Clark Financial platform is operated as a CFD. A contract is created and given to you as the client to determine and estimate the direction of the asset price within a given time frame that is determined only by The exchange band as the CFD provider.

1.3 creating a trading account and using the Clark Financial platform is a license that is created for you as the client of Clark Financial and is given to you for usage. The account is created for you only, after we verified that you match the minimum criteria for opening a trading account and for that it is not transferable and is for a trader who we verified is older than 18 [or any other minimum age that is restricted for trading in your region] and agreed to that agreement. Avoid shutting down the account by transferring its details, assign to someone to handle or any other action that means you are not the only operator of the trading account. You are the only one responsible for the account for any damage that is caused to the account or the client, any violation of the agreement between Clark Financial and you as the client will be on your responsibility.

1.4 Clark Financial is the only service provider between you as a trader and Clark Financial platform which is a management company of Clark Financial which a contractual agreement is agreed between.

2. Opening of the Trading Account

2.1 You confirm that all the details you provided are full, correct, accurate as possible, and completed to the best of your ability. Any changes in the information provided by you in the registration process need to be notified immediately.

2.2 The trading account will be ready to trade and fully activated as soon as Clark Financial will locate funds that are directed to the account with the details we provided you and you provide all the required documents as proof of payment and any other required documents Clark Financial may request. All the documents required for fully activating your trading account, and not completing the verification process give Clark Financial the right to hold and freeze your trading account or create any other limitations subject primarily to your region, but not only.

2.3 for any trade created by you as the client in Clark Financial platform the company holds itself the right to act as the counterparty to your trading activity, and that is based only on Clark Financials' sole decision. Creating and trading in Clark Financial platform is agreeing to act only as a principal and not as an agent of someone else.

2.4 you as an individual owner of the trading account hereby agree and approve that all your engagement with any of Clark Financial services including Clark Financial’s trading platform, is in full compliance with the law applicable to you.

3. CFDs Trading Platform

3.1 all the CFDs [“Trading Assets”] available to trade are listed in Clark Financial platform and are enabling you to trade in foreign exchange rates for cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indexes, and any other trading assets added by Clark Financial and are displaying the rates and quotes for those assets based on different financial information systems that are aspiring to be the most accurate and updated in the financial market. Clark Financial is constantly reviewing all different types of quotes with advanced calculations to determine the quotes for a given time. You hereby agree and acknowledge that due to our and other companies own calculations and any other reasons, rates of the same assets can be different in different companies and platforms.

3.2 you as the sole operator of the trading account hereby agree that any transaction, order, request, or more will be handled by Clark Financial platform without further verifying the transaction details or the operator of it as the account is only managed by you as the client and any breach in your account is needed to be notified to Clark Financial and a new credential or new account will be delivered to you in compliance with files and proofs to be sent. Clark Financial will not hold any responsibility for any damage made in wrong orders, instructions, or any transaction made in your account.

3.3 We hold the right to control and even stop your ability to place orders or restrict assets and transactions in your account by our sole discretion. Those restrictions can be to completely freeze your trading account, limit assets, increase or decrease orders minimum or account minimum orders, limit maximum trade size, and any limitation we as the platform see that is right. We can control the overall exposure your account can reach, changing the prices of orders that were submitted [including trading that Clark Financial is operating as a counter dealer and is directly affecting the company order book].

3.4 trading based on arbitrage is not allowed in the Clark Financial platform. These and any other trading method that is exploiting delays, calculations, differentials and so on.

3.5 violating the client’s agreement in any way allows us at the trading platform to cancel any trade that was already executed to the market and that’s based on our sole discretion with the clients' agreement breach, platform error, system malfunctions, and similar situations. Our platform has a warm hourly backup that will be able to be used as evidence of prior account situations. The platform also records any activity and will be able to provide them as evidence as well.

3.6 REPORTS – you as a trader can always look for open positions at any time by accessing your trading account platform and viewing current and past trades made on the platform. You can also see the guarantee funds situation of live trades. The platform does not create any reports.


4.1 you are allowed to choose any method provided by Clark Financial to transfer funds in your trading account. Make sure to verify that the currency of the funds transfer is acceptable with Clark Financial. All funds will be held in your trading account in either USD, GBP, or EUR and that’s based on your account type, region, and other decisions made by Clark Financial.

4.2 if choosing to fund your account with a band transfer also called a wire transfer, you must send Clark Financial an authentic SWIFT confirmation that is clearly showing your details and bank details listed in your account under your name. not providing the needed file or not in the right conditions and display may result in Clark Financial not being able to credit your account and even rejecting the transfer.

4.3 as a security to your trades Clark Financial can use any funds transfer, profit made, benefits granted to your account, or any form of funds. Securing for open trades, current and past trades losses, commission paid to Clark Financial for making those transactions, or any debt you have with Clark Financial according to your agreements. Funds will be removed from your account equity immediately. Your funds should not be combined with benefits granted to you by Clark Financial and are subject to terms and conditions. Holding a CFT of any trading asset will not grant the dividends, voting, or any rights that are for shareholders as we trade its contracts only and is a contract between you as a trader and us as the platform company.

4.4 withdrawing your funds or profits by a bank transfer will be to the same bank account and in the same currency that the funds were transferred originally unless Clark Financial by its sole discretion decided to change the withdrawal method.

4.5 you declare that any funds transferred to your trading account with Clark Financial are not derived from any illegal activity or any crime, the funds and you as the trading account owner need to be without any violation of anti-money laundering laws.

4.6 some differences in the rates may be involved with transferring funds to and from your account. You will not hold us responsible for those differences and for any other rates or calculations made by financial institutions to receive the funds in and from your account.

4.7 a. Clark Financial finance department that supervises all requests including withdrawal requests will be monitoring your withdrawal request when submitting one. That is to monitor and approve that all requested files have been submitted according to the law. Clark Financial will transfer that exact amount, less any commissions, taxes, and exchange rates, within 7-10 days once all documents have been approved and all the needed ones have been submitted. To ensure the safety of funds you will be required to provide POI – proof of identity, bank statement, and maybe more files according to your region and account type. Clark Financial can cancel any withdrawal request if for any reason or calculations, the funds that you requested will leave the account without a sufficient margin to hold open trades. The withdrawal cancellation will be at Clark Financials' sole discretion and will be notified to you in various ways.

b) Clark Financial takes responsibility only for our inner process and does not take any responsibility for delays caused to withdrawal requests due to different reasons such as force majeure, third-party policies like banks, credit card providers, and others. And in general, any delay is not because of Clark Financial.

c) the minimum amount to request a withdrawal for a bank transfer is 500$.

d) the minimum amount to request a withdrawal for a Credit / Debit card is 100$.

e) to fund your account initially or follow deposits, the minimum amount in all channels including bank transfer, credit card, or debit card is 250$. Max deposit is not limited

4.8 You hereby agree that Clark Financial will charge your trading account in all needed payments including commissions. If for any reason you have a payment for a service that is higher than the trading account balance, you need to make the payment as soon as possible and when Clark Financial requests.

4.9 There are no physical deliveries in any manner. Profits will be withdrawn to the same account the funds have been deposited from. Depositing to your account can be done only with the permitted payment options Clark Financial offers. A physical transfer is not an acceptable payment method.

Fees & Charges

5.1 We reserve ourselves the right and only based on our sole discretion to charge your trading account for any needed payment to services worked on your account including regulation, representative analyst of your account and so on.

5.2 As listed in our account types, we do not take any commissions for payments made to your trading account. If any changes are seen from arrival funds to transferred funds due to your bank, you can look at all the charges made by requesting your bank for a report on fees.

5.3 Same as for deposits, Clark Financial doesn’t take any fees on withdrawals made by bank transfers or credit cards. Clark Financials takes care of all withdrawal fees for bank transfers.

5.4 Clark Financial is a financial institute that is flexible in regard to changes in the capital market and is reserving the right to add new charges or even change prices existing services fees and commissions due to our sole discretion. We committed to notifying all clients including you in various channels at least 10 days before those changes took effect.

6.1 We offer some attractions to our clients like welcome bonus event bonuses and rewards, or any other financial incentive given to your trading account by Clark Financial. All bonuses or financial incentives are part of the Clark Financial bonuses promotions program. In that promotions program, there are terms and conditions linked to any bonus awarded to your trading account and is subject to changes from time to time and due to the sole discretion of Clark Financial.

6.2 Funds that are bonuses or profits that have been made with even a small involvement of bonus or awards funds need to be forfeited in case of any suspicion of fraud or any type of breach in the agreement between you as the trading account holder to Clark Financial.

6.3 There is a minimum trading volume required to reach before withdrawing from an account that has been credited in any bonus or award. The minimum trading volume is (bonus amount + Deposit) x25.

6.4 All requests and procedures need to be completed for you to create a withdrawal request. After receiving a bonus, the transaction Is final, and Clark Financial will not remove the bonus once it was credited to the account

6.5 In any campaigns of insured money or the 7 days guarantee campaign, all the related funds are a bonus and are part of the terms and conditions applied to a bonus. The 1st deposit has a minimum trading volume of 15 times the amount of the deposit to request a withdrawal.

7.1 Clients’ privacy is one of our main concerns and we devoted endless resources to protect your privacy. To successfully provide you with a tailored service, Clark Financial will hold personal details about you and financial information about your bank and so on. All data is protected with the highest security level existing under the Data protection laws.

7.2 for some internal usage and the best quality of service from time to time some of your details will be transferred to our departments including affiliated entities with full correlation to the law. You hereby permit us to do so and will not hold Clark Financial responsible for any detail’s leakage or suspected leakage. All data transferred is with the highest security protocols and is for providing you with the best service available and needed specifically for your trading journey.

7.3 You allow us as the trading platform owners and give us full permission to use your details for trading information, updates, company decisions, ads, and all marketing content through provided info upon your registration such as E-mail address. You can cancel your approval to receive those updates by sending an email from the registration email provided initially.

7.4 You agree and acknowledge that all calls between Clark Financial and you as a client are recorded and monitored the same as any other form of communication via email or messages. All those records and data are the property of Clark Financial only and can be used for any reason that Clark Financial sees right including as evidence for any dispute between you as the client and us Clark Financial.

7.5 Affiliation – Clark Financial works with different providers and affiliates and will share commission and payment to associates and 3rd parties based on our contract with them and we may share some of your details for completing the affiliation process smoothly.

7.6 By using our website or trading platform, you agree that we may use cookies. To change the cookie settings, you must make a written request to our support team.

Advice, Information, and Tax

8.1 Any transaction opened in the Clark Financial platform is your responsibility and we do not advise on any future potential profitability of any trading asset. You hereby declare that you as the sole owner of the trading account is the only responsible entity for any transaction made in your trading account and you are aware of the risk involved in any transaction. You also declare that you have enough knowledge about the market, and its risks that involve any transaction made both to that trade, and the trading account equity as stated in the Risk Disclosure Document which explains the risk involved and the way to calculate your exposure.

8.2 Some assets displayed in the trading platform by Clark Financial do not offer any commentary or any other information. Trading those assets are provided as a service from Clark Financial to you as the client for making your own investment decisions.

8.3 Clark Financial is not responsible for any profit or loss or any decision made due to market commentary, trading signals, or any other information.

8.4 You hereby declare that all trades or any transaction made in your account is under your responsibility and any cost from commissions, fees, services or any other form of change on the trading account balance is only your responsibility.

8.5 Clark Financial has no obligation to assess if you have the necessary knowledge and understand the risk as a trader. Any transaction made in your account is under the agreement that all risks related to your trading experience is only under your responsibility.

8.6 You as the sole owner of your trading account are the only one responsible for any tax resulting from your trades including trading profits, trading losses, regional taxes, and services fees. Clark Financial as a trustworthy financial institution reserves the right to deduct the required tax, if requested from an official entity, directly from your trading account and deliver it to the proper tax authority.

9. Account Balances

9.1 Your trading account balance is always displayed in your trading platform powered by Clark Financial. For any needed information about marks and terms found on the platform visit our official website at the glossary section.

10. Closing an account and cancellation of the agreement

10.1 Both you as a client and a trading account holder and us Clark Financial as the platform holder has the right to cancel this and any other agreement with the proper notice of 10 days. Any breach in the agreement could also result in terminating the account and any agreement made in other channels. Once receiving the termination notice it's your responsibility to close open trades. Not closing those trades gives Clark Financial the right to close them even if it results in losses.

10.2 Before terminating the account all liquid funds in the account will become available under this agreement.

10.3 Terminating the trading account will not result in a violation of any rights according to the law and the regulations monitoring this agreement.

11. Limitations of Liability and Indemnities

11.1 Clark Financial provides services to you as a trader that are both inner services or affiliate services and software. Clark Financial will not hold any responsibility for any data expressed or implied including warranty on any software or transaction recommendation made in any step. Clark Financial will not hold any reliability to software for any damage,virus, or other effects made by using the software. Clark Financial will not be responsible for any decision made by using Clark Financial services in any transaction that is created by you as the trading account owner.

11.2 You hereby acknowledge and are aware that the financial market Is open, and the assets are constantly changing rates whether you are online or not, with proper network connection or not or any sort of issue related to watching the market live. Your trades will be affected by those rates in relation to the assets you are trading on based on the movement of the market and not your availability.

11.3 When requested you must cover any liabilities you have with Clark Financial or 3rd party services, losses or cost of fees involved with your trading account. Including taxes, services costs, commissions, fees or other costs.

11.4 In any case of debt by Clark Financial to you as a client resulting Clark Financial holds the right to compensate it against any debt you as a client has for Clark Financial resulting by services, taxes or any form of cost you need to pay Clark Financial.

12.1 Clark Financial holds the right to correct and modify the agreement without any notice or consent from you as the trading account holder. If changes will affect your trading account or any other material change in the agreement you will receive a 10 days notice as mentioned above. The corrections and changes will take effect on the dates mentioned in the notice received and do not require any agreement. Unless a note has been received changes made to the agreement will not affect any open trades or transactions made by you or required to do in your account due to a balance to cover to Clark Financial.

12.2 Partial invalidity – if a section or any notes in the agreement becomes or is illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in any region according to any law, neither the validity, legality, or enforceability of the regulation monitoring this agreement under the law will not be in any case affected by it.

12.3 Joint account- when a trading account is a joint account, and has more than one name or entity on it, each entity can present itself as fully responsible for the account and does not require any process of an agreement to the other entities named under the account. Any notice and requirement made to an entity under the name of the trading account will be considered as noted to all entities under the name of the account and Clark Financial will not hold any process of verifying the consent of the other entities. When a few requests are made by different entities that are the owners of the trading account to Clark Financial, the last order will be the final one and Clark Financial holds no responsibility for misunderstood between the trading account owners.

12.4 Language, Notices, and Complaints – Our main language in all communications channels is English. All other languages we offer and have agents to provide services will be matched to suit your preferred language as much as possible.

12.5 All requests, notices, and any form of communication between Clark Financial and you will be via email or similar electronic solutions that were given to Clark Financial upon registration or after. Any request or notice to Clark Financial must be via email to the addresses appearing on our website in correlation to the right department. we handle all requests for up to 48 hours and will guide you on the following steps.

12.6 Clark Financial has the right to operate legal proceedings against the client in any case of funds to collect from you owed to Clark Financial regarding your regional law.

12.7 No Right to Assign – you hereby agree that Clark Financial holds the right to modify this agreement upon receiving affiliated services to match the required regulation applied. The rights of this agreement will not be assignable to a 3rd party affiliate service.

12.8 Dormant Trading – when a trading account has no activity or very low activity for a time period Clark Financial hold it self the right to determine. Or the account has a low balance below the minimum required that is determined by Clark Financial. Clark Financial has the right to charge the trading account directly with Dormant commission at a cost determined by Clark Financial. Clark Financial can also close any open trade or terminate the account according to this agreement.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.1 Any claims or disputes which may arise will be handled by the proper authority according to your regional laws and our regulations. English has its jurisdiction for any relevant claim or dispute and can be out or in connection with these agreements.


Our main concern is to provide a safe trading environment and we constantly improve our security measures and fraud controls to keep your personal information provided and collected in the best way possible and according to privacy laws.

Allocating funds to your account after a transaction made by you will require us to get data and files from you as the transaction maker including which deposit method you preferred.

Before completing a withdrawal request you will need to provide certain documents to approve the transaction like proof of identity, bank statements, and maybe others.

It is your responsibility to confirm you can complete the identification process required by us in each funds transaction to or from the account which can result in preventing the funds to appear in your account. The required documents are:

A clear colored copy of your ID [ID card, passport, driver's license] from both sides showing all 4 corners of the ID.

A clear colored copy of your main credit/ debit card used to deposit in your account from both sides. 1st twelve digits need to be covered and clearly show the expiration date, CVV in the back, and the signature next to the CVV.

Any utility bill that has your name and address on it and is not older than 3 months.

For all documents, all 4 corners must be visible in the file sent with no changes or alteration to the file. If you own a card that does not show your name on it you can attach any evidence from the bank or credit card provider to match the card to your identity.

If you use a card that is not yours and your name is not on it, the cardholder must provide all the needed documents including proof of identity and bank statement, and sign the contract that approves the deposit made.

*** all the required documents are needed to complete the verification process and any file that is rejected by our team for any reason must be sent again according to the required notes

We are always available for you in a variety of communication channels appearing on our website in the contact us section for any questions or concerns.

When do I need to provide these documents?

All required documents are under the monitoring of the FSA including the documentary verification process.

In order to provide a perfect trading experience without any concern we require you to provide the needed documents stated in the law in advance of completing your account creation and as a condition to complete it.

Clark Financial has the right to request these documents before any activity in your account including trades and deposits.

In any case, if you are unable to provide the required documents to complete a withdrawal request all funds will be directed back to your trading account and the withdrawal request will be canceled. You will be notified about it in a variety of communications channels.

How can I send you these documents?

Images and scans can be sent directly to your assigned agent or directly to our compliance department in the communication channels listed in the contact us section on our site. Make sure to clearly scan or take a high-quality image that answers all the requests for those files.

How do I know my documents are safe with you?

We treat your security and privacy as our main concern and have a strict process for verifying and securing the documents sent to us. All client files are reserved in a fully protected advanced technology of encryption.

We aim to make Clark Financial a safe and secure place for trading and we thank you for your full cooperation

This is an agreement for all services provided by Clark Financial to you as a trader and a trading account holder.