Terms and conditions of Clark Financial

This Agreement is executed by and between Clark Financial and the Client, a physical or legal person.


1.1 Clark Financial traders have to follow these terms and conditions.

1.2 Clark Financial requires from every trader an identification.

1.3 Clark Financial will open an account for a trader as soon as he receives the identity.


2.1 For the purpose of trading, Clark Financial will provide customers with a username and a password.

2.2 As soon as the account is open, the customer can trade at Clark Financial with foreign currencies and commodities.

2.3 Clark Financial uses only the safest and most secure leverage to satisfy customers' orders.

2.4 Expert analysis is used by Clark Financial to define trading rates. They are calculated depending on the differences between rates of buying and selling and can be changed at any time.

2.5 The customer may ask the company to execute trading on its behalf or for it.

2.6 At Clark Financial the customer's balance is added to or withdrawn from it based on previous trades.

2.7 Trading accounts are not charged with interest.

2.8 At Clark Financial any trades which were made wrong can or not be paid with us. It completely depends on Clark Financial


3.1 When the customer chooses to set up a trading account with Clark Financial he or she must agree to our terms and conditions:

3.1.1 There are no rules that prevent the client from establishing a trading account with Clark Financial.

3.1.2 The customer assumes full responsibility for the trades issued by the Account.

3.1.3 The customer is fully responsible for protecting his account's personal information.

3.1.4 Clark Financial customers understand that trading with our company has some risks connected with losing any or all funds.

3.1.5 At Clark Financial the customers have current knowledge of financial trading and are ready to teach himself/herself before entering into trades.

3.1.6 At Clark Financial the customers are aware that foreign currency trading is highly risky.

3.2 At Clark Financial several people can own shared accounts. Any information given to one owner is considered given to all others.

3.3 At Clark Financial customers must be 18 years or older.

3.4 At Clark Financial we do not accept these countries. They are included in the list of proscribed States. The countries listed below are:

Afghanistan, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and the Arab Republic of Syria.


4.1 Clark Financial is not responsible for any loss or debt that may occur to customers as a result of their trading activities.

4.2 At Clark Financial doesn't give any recommendations about taxes.


5.1 At Clark Financial is not responsible for any loss or debt that can meet clients after their trading activities.


6.1 At Clark Financial customers will not lose more than the value of their financing within their account with the company.


7.1 At Clark Financial customers may find some copies of their reports on their personal account page.


8.1 At Clark Financial customers will receive payments on demand when submitting the appropriate documents and following some steps.


9.1 At Clark Financial terms and conditions may be modified at any time. Customers will be notified if and when such provisions are changed.

9.2 If Clark Financial or the customer is required to close the account, all the deals will be closed the day next to the agreement closure.

9.3 At Clark Financial after the agreement was closed, none of the new trades can be done.