Why Us


The company is based in Great Britain with its main offices located in London. It was created to provide the best trading services, advanced education, and a high level and a wide range of the latest trading tools in the Forex sector.

Over the past ten years, our mission has been to facilitate investors' access to global markets and protect their money from volatile market conditions, as well as from the specific risks to which they are exposed.

Clark Financial is today par excellence trading services with a range of assets handpicked from the best commodities, stocks, currencies, and indices, with competitive trading conditions and top customer support for modern traders. The target of our company is to suggest to traders of different qualifications and all kinds of experience levels from all over the world a safe trading environment. We protect a strict policy to save the privacy of our exclusive clients. Having managed to live up to the expectations of its traders, whether they are novices, intermediates or experts, Clark Financial Account Managers (with the help of an ever-present support team), we're able to show the strength, seriousness, and reliability of Clark Financial.


Since its beginning, Clark Financial never stopped looking for and finding methods to enhance and offer to its traders the conditions required by our exigent traders that follow us daily. We always use advanced technology to ensure the reliability of the trade, transparency of the information, security of your funds, and privacy of your information. We work hard to provide you with the best trading environment. At every stage of the investment process, we strive to help our traders get the edge that they need to succeed. We have invested in the latest technologies in the industry to ensure that your transactions are swift, secure, and safe.


Clark Financial is not a market maker, our technology is fully customized for online trading.

We are constantly busy with the improvement of our technology to make trading easier, faster, and more extensive for you. We can rightly say at Clark Financial that we are genuinely continuously developing our platform with the end user in mind.

Trading Brokers online provide clients with direct access to liquidity between banks while planning to transfer their orders to the biggest liquidity providers.

The online trading process makes foreign exchange and electronic bank transfers fully confidential to improve the speed of the transfers.

Clark Financial earns from your trading volume, we offer our traders interest-bearing accounts that allow them to receive a monthly interest on all of their operations on the platform!


Because your success is also our success Clark Financial is constantly busy with the improvement of our technology to make trading easier, faster, and more extensive for you in the forex world. Clark Financial genuinely continuously develops our platform with the end user in mind. Thousands of transactions are executed per month on our market. Our customers benefit from real-time data streams from our data providers. Clark Financial offers a detailed training center and access to relevant data that is necessary to make informed decisions. We are constantly expanding our systems to further support our Forex traders. Our dealing room uses a kind of technology, infrastructure, analysis tools, and management systems which allows us to notify you of your trades, profits, and losses at the same time. We make Forex trading trustworthy, comfortable, and easy. Clark Financial offers you the guarantee to operate with the Trading market under the constant supervision of the competent authorities.


Clark Financial developed trading programs that let traders make their trades from anywhere around the world every day all day long by using only internet browsers or smartphone applications.


Clark Financial is a company that you can trust as it was created by professionals and expert forex traders. We use the SSL system for every money transfer which has system security of encryption. Our clients can be sure that their personal information is secured all the time.


Clark Financial customer service is working every day all day long and provides support for all investors in different languages like Arabic and English by telephone and e-mail as well.

You will be provided with your trading coach who will explain in detail how to trade and will help to become a market expert with very high profits.